Small & Midsize Business (SMB)

Providing Tips & Tools for SMBs to Grow & Rebuild

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic small and mid-sized businesses made up 99.7% of all US companies and almost half of all private sector employment. And through the pandemic, we know these businesses have been hit the hardest. But now is the time to rebuild.

Take advantage of the programming + networking provided at AW2020, and learn the skills needed to build your business and excel in the new normal.

SMB Night School

Join us from 3-4:30 PM on October 6-8 for SMB Night School, offering insights on building a business,
marketing with streaming platforms, and planning for the future of restaurants.

  • 6 October


  • 7 October

    presented by Hulu

  • 8 October

    presented by Eater

Access AW2020 For Free

Given the challenging times, our goal is for this program to be as educational and accessible as possible. To this end, the first 1000 SMBs to apply can attend for free courtesy of Hulu. Apply for your pass here.

SMB Night School

Hear from the experts with thoughtful presentation and intimate,
live discussions on entrepreneurship, Streaming presented by Hulu and
restaurants presented by Eater

Beyond Retail

What are the world’s leading retailers putting
into place to adapt to this tide of change?


Explore the next wave of audio marketing
and advertising trends brands are embracing


Get hands-on trainings and insights from leading experts