Discovering New Consumers in a Private Web

Tue, September 29 at 6:00 AM EDT

Acceleration Channel presented by Acxiom

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The open web as we know it today is under threat. While it's advertising that funds the internet, advertisers ironically have yet to uncover an alternative for third-party cookies and the clock is ticking. Brands, platforms, and consumers will need to come together to keep this new private web safe, secure, neutral, and decentralised. Join Aqilliz CEO Gowthaman Ragothaman and BritePool CEO David J. Moore to discover the latest technological breakthroughs in identity management and what they mean for the industry’s future.

The open web is giving way to the walled gardens of many internet platforms and close to US$120Bn is being spent on various technologies to discover, engage, and reward consumers online. Fragmented standards of browsing also add complexity to an already bloated technology layer to run efficient advertising. It’s advertising that funds the internet, yet today’s advertisers don’t have alternatives to replace third-party cookies and the clock is ticking. Join Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz and David J. Moore, CEO of BritePool as they discuss technological breakthroughs in identity management and what they mean for the industry’s future. As we look to better balance privacy and personalisation, it’s time to re-architect much more efficient and effective alternatives that not only integrate customers with an enterprise, but also collaborate across enterprises: a new model that can lead to improved approaches to consumer discovery in the world beyond cookies.  View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. As the Internet gets ready for a world beyond cookies, understand the limitations of today’s approaches to audience targeting
  2. The realities of privacy compliance: why mere anonymisation is not enough to ensure that the data owner, controller, or the processor is abiding by privacy frameworks
  3. Redefining “Privacy-by-design”: the ability to provide provenance on what has been done with an individual’s data and providing it on demand
  4. A collaborative approach: why first-party data federations are the key to future-proofing consumer discovery

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Gowthaman Ragothaman CEO Aqilliz
David J. Moore CEO BritePool

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